simple implementation of redis sessions for vk-io
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vk-io-session-redis - simple implementation of the Redis sessions


Node.js 13.0.0 or newer is required



yarn add vk-io-session-redis


npm i vk-io-session-redis

Example usage:

import { VK } from "vk-io";
import { RedisSession } from "vk-io-session-redis";

const bot = new VK({
    token: process.env.TOKEN

const redisSession = new RedisSession();

bot.updates.on("message", (context) => {
    if (context.isOutbox) return;

    const { session } = context;

    session.counter = session.counter || 0;

    context.send(`You turned to the bot (${session.counter}) times`);

bot.updates.start().catch(err => console.error(err));